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Find in this category a large selection of the latest volleyball products! Shoes, balls, protections or textile, you will find the necessary material to practice your sport. Errea You will find the latest volleyballs , Mizuno, Craft and many other brands on Direct-Volley. You can acquire the latest training balls or simply fall in love with the lifestyle to live your passion daily. Don't hesitate and go for the new volleyballs.

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New volleyball products

On Direct-Volley, we want to offer you the latest in terms of volleyball equipment! Shoes, textile, protections, balls,... Discover our selection of novelties!

The new volleyball shoes

AsicsThe new volleyball shoes, Mizuno, Nike, adidas and dozens of other brands are to be found in the news! To reach a level of play worthy of the greatest, wear the shoes of professional volleyball players : Jean Patry (Asics), Earvin Ngapeth (adidas), Jenia Grebennikov (Nike), Timothée Carle (Mizuno). Brands offer you different technologies to constantly improve your performance. Asics and its Gel technology reduce impacts and improve shock absorption while guaranteeing optimal comfort. Wave technology from Mizuno offers an assembly of materials that form a light and flexible plate, which by deforming, disperses the shock wave on impact by diffusing it. Take a look at our selection of volleyball shoes to discover all the volleyball sneakers and their technologies that will make you reach the top!

The new volleyball textile

Who says new season, says new products! We regularly update the new volleyball apparel so that you can benefit from the latest technologies in terms of clothing. Find all year long the essential to the practice of volleyball: shirts, polo shirts, shorts, pants, socks, etc.. Errea Asics , Hummel, Nike, adidas: more than ten brands are waiting for you in this selection. Tours Chaumont , Montpellier, Cannes: you can also get the latest jerseys of your favorite volleyball team to support it as it should be. Without forgetting the France volleyball team! And because we also think about your life as a volleyball player off the court, discover a wide range of lifestyle clothing. Le Coq Sportif, adidas, Nike and many other brands to shop !

The new volleyballs

Find the latest models of volleyballs, an essential accessory for the practice of your favorite sport! Go for the latest volleyball training balls orvolleyball competition balls and even beach volleyball balls. Of course, you can also buy ball accessories such as bags or pumps. Get the latest balls Molten, world reference of the volleyball which offer you a perfect control and exceptional comfort of play. Also find the famous blue and yellow balls from Mikasa. There are also balls for the little ones with the junior balls, ideal for beginners and schools.

The new volleyball protections

In order to give your best on the court, it is important to protect your elbows, knees, ankles, etc. Find here the new volleyball protections of your favorite brands: Errea Asics , McDavid, Nike, and many others! The latest colors of the kneere Errea or the latest technology of the ankleère Zamst, discover our selection of new volleyball protections. Small or big, beginner or confirmed volleyball player, you will find your happiness !

The new equipments

We have selected for you the new volleyball accessories so that you are the most equipped locker room! Backpacks, ball bags, travel bags: move more easily with the latest luggage. Also find the essential accessories like sandals and towels, but also water bottles, care and nutrition.